We understand that you don’t want to give away your profitable trading system just to have it programmed. If so we will try to find a way to make this possible.

  • If you already have a system that generates signals and all you want is to generate orders from your signals for the TWS, you or somebody whom you trust could extend your system so that it writes its signals somewhere (a text file, a spreadsheet or preferably a database table). You would only give as an example of your signals on which we could build the rest.
  • Since it is so hard to find a profitable trading strategy it should be easy to make this strategy useless with only little changes and you can tell us what you want to change. We can tell you if this would be possible.
  • If you just use standard techniques or combinations of them like moving averages and the success of your system depends on the combination of  indicator  parameters like 38 and 76 hour moving average periods, we could leave you the possibility to change these parameters by yourself or to choose a certain combination of analysis techniques.
  • Programming nowadays is easier than you might think. The director of Trinhof Limited has a longtime experience in teaching programming to students as a professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Hof. So he could even teach you to program the very special part of your trading strategy by yourself.