Services provided around the IB Trader WorkstationSM  (by Interactive Brokers LLC) :


  • Helping and training you to use the TWS and the API (Application Programming Interface)

  • Storing prices in a database management system of your choice (for testing or analysis)

  • Help you retrieving historical prices on your own (normally possible for 1 year)

  • Connecting your existing trading platforms, programs, trading sheets, expert advisors etc. to the TWS

  • Realizing your trading logic in a separate program that connects to the TWS via the API (Application Programming Interface)

  • Sending Email or SMS-Messages depending on conditions set by you (e.g. execution of orders, price or account data reaching certain levels)

  • Storing your trades for further processing and analysis e.g. accounting, tax, performance measures in a database management system, an ERP or accounting system  (e.g. SAP® R/3® Enterprise software using the Business Application Programming Interface)